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Cloudwhale Button

Cloudwhale Buttons allows for people with a disability to play games

Cloudwhale Buttons games use existing controls that the player already has access to. The games are designed with a focus on independence, meaning that the client is able to stop and start playing without the help of a carer.


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Custom controls

Cloudwhale Buttons allow the player to use any controls and devices to play games. Controls such as joysticks, head switches, buttons, and more, can all be set up by the client in the way that they prefer effortlessly.

Adaptive gameplay

All games that fall under Cloudwhale Buttons adapt to the player in a way that suits their disability. The games are designed with multiple levels of accessibility in mind and can be easily customized to fit the player’s needs.

Independent use

The games are playable within a platform that the client can control independently. By using an easy to understand interface and existing controls, the client is given control over when they want to play, or stop playing, fully independently.

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