We are aiming to create dynamic controls that allows for any form of input. We are working on these features:
(Note the status of implementation) 

  • Map-able buttons – DONE (Use any form of keyboard input or controller)
  • 2 button auto navigation – DONE (Control the platform with one button, while the other button controls your options)
  • Mouse input – DONE (Mouse input can be used to control the entire platform)
  • Eye tracking – TESTING (While eye tracking works, it’s not optimized)
  • Stack navigation – IN DEVELOPMENT (Use one button to change selection and the other to select)


Our aim is to allow a player to launch the platform, play their favorite game and close the platform without any extra help. Some of the features that we use to achieve this are:
(Note the status of implementation) 

  • ‘Remember me’ loginDONE (Don’t forget to tick ‘remember me’ when logging in)
  • Windows app – IN DEVELOPMENT (For communication software)

You can always create a web shortcut and add it to a communication software as an option, until our Windows app is finished!


Adaptive games

We want to enable the players to play all of our games. As a result, we have plenty of adaptive settings:

  • Adaptive difficulty
  • Adjusting game play elements
  • Contrasting and distinct visuals

For more specifics on each game look here!

Whats new

Want to know what we are up to and what’s next? Check out the news and media page where we write blog posts about all our events and future ideas

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