Global Game Jam 2020

Every year at the Global Game Jam, teams from all over the world get 48 hours to create a game in correspondence with a theme. The result? A bunch of cool games and trophies.

Two members of Cloudwhale decided to join in on the fun and participated in the 2020 Global Game Jam in Groningen. With this years theme set as “repair”, designing a game turned out to be a lot harder than initially thought; how do you build a game focused around repairing?

Yet they managed, and, with the help of second year gamedesign students of the Hanzehogeschool, created a concept around a dying island. The goal of the game is for the player to jump through time in order to find the source of the islands decay, and repair the island by stopping it at the source.

It seems like the audience and jury enjoyed it; the game ended up receiving an award for best visuals!