Cloudwhale Vision

Cloudwhale Vision is a product range of games for eye-tracking. Vision games are designed for disability and keep independent use in mind; by making the games fully accessible and interactable, we give the player full control over their experience.

Adjustable settings

All Cloudwhale Vision games come with a range of options that allow you to customize your playing experience. From selection timers to difficulty, new options are continuously being added based on your feedback.

Variety of games

From hunting ghosts to playing at the carnival, Cloudwhale Vision is a variety of games for eye-tracking. The variety in games means that there always is an accessible game that the player will enjoy. New experiences are constantly being worked on by our team.


Designed for disability, Cloudwhale Vision aims to empower the player. By giving the player full control over their experience, we aim to create a cohesive and stress-free experience for eye-tracking.

With Vision, we offer the player and caretaker the following features:

Independent gameplay

Play, customize, and quit games without the help of a caretaker.

Entertainment for eye-tracking users

Vision games let you play using any eye-tracker.


No need for additional hard- or software. All you need is a device with a connected eye-tracker in order to start playing.

Distinct visuals

Designed around eye-tracking, the games make use of contrasting visuals, making it easier for the player to play.

Accessible menus

Vision menus are designed and optimized for use with cognitive and physical disabilities.


With Vision, Cloudwhale aims to create a large variation of games for eye-tracking. Hunt ghosts, or play games at the fair: you decide what you want to play today.

Vision games require the following in order to play:

  • A device running a windows operating system
    (Windows is the standard for assistive devices such as Tobii)
  • An eye-tracking device

We’re happy to help you get set up! If you need any help, or information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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